Newport, RI

Newport is located on the Southern portion of Aquidneck Island, to its North is Middletown, located in the middle of island, and beyond that Portsmouth, which occupies the Northern portion of the island. Newport was the playground of the super-rich during the Gilded Age. Today it has a more diverse population, but around the turn of the 20th century Newport was the summer home of a number of famous families such as Astors and Vanderbilts.

A little known fact that many people are probably not aware of is that Newport was also a summer home of the Joneses. Specifically, Mr. & Mrs. George F. Jones, the parents of Edith Wharton. They owned a “cottage” (by cottage I mean a 392,040 square foot estate comprising a greenhouse, gardener’s cottage, and landing pier) in Newport known as “Pencraig”. These are the actually Joneses for which the phrase keeping up with the Joneses originates. While Pencraig has since been demolished and split up into subdivisions, many of the other mansions still stand today.

Newport is Historic, so below you’ll find many historic photos of Newport RI.

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View photos at SmugMug

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