Narragansett, RI

Narragansett was originally part of South Kingstown. The town bears the name of the most prominent Indian tribe in the area: the Narragansett’s, from whom the land was purchased by Roland Robinson back in 1675. The name Narragansett derives from an Algonquian term which either denotes “people of the point” or in some cases is translated as “back and forth”

The town has two main water sources and thus two main sources of industry throughout its history. Those are both the Narrow river and the ocean.

Narragansett was a summer resort destination just behind Newport in prestige. One of the most famous landmarks and most notable remnants of Narragansett’s resort days, which lasted primarily form 1888 to 1920, is the Casino Tower right along ocean road. It was originally part of a larger hotel and casino complex which burned in 1900. It only survived because it was constructed of stone, while the rest of the complex was all made of wood.

Accordingly, it is a is a town by the ocean and home of Port of Galilee named after Galilee, Israel for its similarities with the Biblical fishing town with the largest salt water pond in the state of Rhode Island. The port of Galilee is home to Rhode Island’s largest fishing fleet, and in fact the largest fishing fleet in all of New England, and the 2nd largest on the whole East coast.

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