Beavertail Lighthouse

Located on the southern tip of Conanicut Island in the town of Jamestown (Jamestown comprises the whole island) Beavertail lighthouse, built in 1749, is the fourth oldest lighthouse in the United States and the third oldest in New England. The lighthouse has been rebuilt a few times since the original wooden tower was constructed in 1749.

It then burned four years later in 1753 and a stone tower was put in place, then in 1799 the British burned the lighthouse during the Revolutionary war, it would not be restored until after the war. Eventually in 1856 a more modern granite tower was built, which still stands today.

Although, the lighthouse did have to undergo some restoration after the hurricane of 1938. Today the lighthouse is encompassed within Beavertail State Park which comprises about a square mile of coast on the Southern tip of the Island.

The park offers many scenic vista adjacent to a some grassy fields around the lighthouse, and via some paths that hug the rocky coastline around the lighthouse. Although there are paths that allow a many great views, in order to fully transverse the area around the lighthouse you will have to climb down on some of the rough rocky terrain. Also of interest there are some remnant pill boxes along the rocks.

Today the keepers house, directly adjacent to the lighthouse has been converted into a museum. Which is open seasonally Monday-Sunday 10am-4pm usually beginning a couple of weeks before Memorial Day thru till Labor Day, and then just on the weekends into the fall.

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