East Greenwich, RI

East Greenwich, or Green town (as it was originally named), was founded in 1677, and is located in the middle of the state with Narragansett Bay just to the East of it. The town’s northern boundaries are roughly along Division Street. The town is situated with a natural inlet known as Greenwich Bay, between it and Warwick. A cove known as Greenwich Cove provides shelter for many yachts on the eastern edge of the town.

Because of its favorable location on Narragansett Bay East Greenwich became an early shipbuilding center, and is in fact the birthplace of the American Navy (Although quite a few other places can also make this claim. However, the Navy established in East Greenwich not only meets the definition of a Navy and was authorized by the legislative council, but is also the earliest of the all the valid claims made to be the “Birthplace of the American Navy.”).

The cove is not necessarily larger or better than other locations in the state, but during the Revolutionary period it was the southern most town, which remained under Colonial control and was not surrendered to the British. During the Revolutionary War the British held Newport and controlled the lower bay area from December 1776 to October 1779. During this time East Greenwich became the county seat of Rhode Island, with the governor and other military leaders residing in East Greenwich.

Today East Greenwich maintains a unique seaport charm, and is the wealthiest town in the State of Rhode Island. East Greenwich has two villages: Freentown and Sun Valley.

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