Central Falls, RI

Central Falls is the smallest and most densely populated city in Rhode Island and the United States. The city is nestled between the city of Pawtucket and the town of Cumberland and town of Lincoln. The city is only 1.29 square miles, and owes much of its early population growth to the textile industry.

Originally it was simply one village of the Town of Smithfield; later Smithfield was divided and Central Falls became a village of the Town of Lincoln. After a while it was decided that if would be best for Central Falls to become its own city, and so it was Chartered in 1896.

The city gets its name from a waterfall created by one of the dams on the Blackstone River. The story has it that a businessman (Stephen Jenks) stood up and said the village should be called “Central Falls” during a dedication for a mill and bridge, built by David and George Jenksa, at the middle falls in 1824.

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