Block Island, RI

Block Island, RI is located about 13 miles south of the Rhode Island coast in the Atlantic Ocean. The island has one town on it, named New Shoreham, and is located pass the waterway known as the Block Island Sound, which separates it from the Rhode Island coast.

Block Island is actually thought to be the original island for which Rhode Island was named, as the theory has it when Giovanni de Verrazzano spotted it he believed it looked about the size of the Greek Island of Rhodes, and when other came they through that Aquidneck Island was the island he had referred to. Block Island is accessible by either ferry or small airplane. For transportation on the island mopeds are popular, but you can also rent bikes, or bring your car on the ferry, which leaves from Galilee sometimes referred to as Point Judith. It is a popular summer tourist attraction, and only has about a 1,000 year round residents. It offers two lighthouses (the Southeast Lighthouse offering spectacular bluffs), beaches, bluffs, nature trials, shopping, a quaint small village atmosphere, and much more.

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