Welcome to Jonathan Haynes Photography, founder of RI-Photo.com. RI-Photo.com is a company which began with the name RIFoto.com, and evolved for a time as RIPhoto.com prior to its current evolution as RI-Photo.com.

Remember the dash is what matters. When the time comes to write the years of our lives a dash is what will be used to represent them, likewise the dash is the substance of RI-Photo. We here at RI-Photo are all about living out the dash that is our lives, and making an impact over our small point on the timeline.


RI-Photo.com was originally started in 2006 as RIFoto.com by two Rhode Island Photographers who decided to photograph Rhode Island and place their photos together in one unifying location online, with the goal of taking, sharing, and selling the absolute best photos possible.

During 2008 RI-Photo.com continued that mission under the banner of RIPhoto.com in order to bring photos from both Tim Linden’s and Jonathan Haynes’s websites to one place, thereby making it easier for you to find the great photos you have come to expect from us. The summer of 2009 was a period of transition, with each of us establishing our own unique sites, in order to delineate our brands.

Today RI-Photo still continues the mission of bringing you the best photographs in and around Rhode Island, and continues to be the premiere photography site within the state of Rhode Island. All of the photos on RI-Photo can be purchased by viewing the photos in their galleries. If you need help finding a gallery, or would like to hire a photographer feel free to contact us.

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