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Getting ready to Head out to New York for New Year’s Eve stay tuned for pictures to come.

We Want to Hear from You!

As many of you know these past couple years have been a little slow around here, as we have been regrouping. We are slowly revitalizing and revamping operations, while also exploring potential new opportunities and ventures. We have a tremendous backlog of images right now, and will slowly be working on updating the site. However, what we need to know from you; is what would you like to see from us. What would it take for you to consider investing in fine art photography, or just memories of events around the state. We know this recession has really put a damper on this market right now, but still believe there is sizable interest. So, we would like to know if anyone has ideas of a specific series of images that you would like to see in the future, or is someone who is involved in a fascinating and perhaps overlooked or neglected industry around the Rhode Island area who is able and willing to provide us an inside look. If so we really want to hear form you! Please do not hesitate to contact us, or drop a suggestion in the suggestion box.

On the journalistic side we are looking for tips of events that will be happening around the Southern New England, and especially the Rhode Island area. If you would like to list information about an event with great photogenic opportunities we would be happy to list it on our site for you. We are aware that Tall Ships will be back in Newport, RI this year, and are looking for a unique and local perspective on things such as this, or a similar place/event with a real interesting back story.

Also, we are looking for a apps developer. We would like someone familiar with writing Apple grants and willing to see the project through to completion. We would provide the imagery and photographic expertise while you would provide the platform, and would be happy to royalty arrangement.

Last, but not least, we are looking for sports teams that may need team photos and especially action shots, and prehaps on site sales.

Spring is in the Air! check out the baby geese pictures of the day


Check out pictures from the 2011 Polar Bear Plunge

Check out photographs from the 2010 Rhode Island National Guard Open House and Air Show!

It was a great air show again this year as usual.

2010 St. Patrick’s Day Parade Photos

We were at the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Newport again this year, after taking a year off last year. Unfortunately, this year turned out to be quite rainy, making it a wet experience. Nonetheless, the parade went on as planned and a lot of people still turned out and had a good time.
St. Patrick’s Day Parade Photos

2010 Polar Bear Plunge

We were at the Polar Bear Plunge again this year at both Easton Beach in Newport and the North Kingstown town Beach, and have galleries setup to show you our photos.

Polar Bear Plunge Photos

Rhode Island National Guard Open House and Air Show

We were at the Air Show this year and have galleries setup to show you our photos.

Rhode Island National Guard Open House and Air Show

Welcome to RI Photo, the best place to find photos of Rhode Island!

Our mission at RI Photo is to bring you the best photography of Rhode Island. Whether you are just looking for places to take pictures in RI, or you took photos and realized they didn’t come out, or prehaps you just forgot your camera. Whatever the case may be, if you want top notch photographs to remember Rhode Island, RI Photo is for you!

We are always looking for great locations in Rhode Island to take pictures, and constantly striving to bring back awesome and matchless photos for you to enjoy, while documenting the locations so you can check them out yourself.

Photographing Rhode Island

It’s our goal to take photos of every spot in RI. So below is a sort of “checklist” with all the towns and such we’d like to photograph. As we take photos, the names will become links. If you know of any great places to take photos at these locations, please let us know!

Rhode Island Towns

Rhode Island Lighthouses

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